TL;DR: Justin Rudy is a talented nerd that’s filled with generous amounts of imagination, a few ounces of childhood magic, and plenty of memberberries. ;D

Justin Rudy is a Visual Communicator that has worked for over thirteen years as a creative professional in both digital and traditional mediums.
His illustrative style is a lot like adolescents. It’s playful and curious. It can sometimes come across a little bit awkward. And, without any warning, his work can become very dramatic for no reason at all. (Sooo many complicated feels!) 0__\\\
Justin’s art is unapologetically nerdy. It’s an experimental journey into the realms of aging recollection and the magic of yesterday. Even though the compositions can appear to be somewhat jarring, distorted, and displaced, they still manage to occupy space with relevance and a strange sense of the familiar.
With vivid colored landscapes, obscure shapes, and surreal dreamlike characters, Justin’s illustrations attempt to capture the feelings of nostalgia in an abstract manner that’s both visually pleasing and thought-provoking.